Every student appearing for 10th/12th Standard board examination is curious to know and eager to plan for his or her career path. Many students are confused about Career Path to be selected. Every student and their parents are loaded with questions like:

Which stream should I choose after 10th/12th and why?
Which stream is ideally suited for my nature?
Can I pursue the career in the field which I like the most?
Which stream would offer me attractive job openings?
Which is the best career path for me?

Such Career Related Questions are always jumping in every students’ and their parents’ minds. How to Pick a Career Best for You? To find the correct answer, scientifically approached Future Vedh Career Inclination Test is the best option. Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. in partnership with Institute for Psychological Health (IPH), Thane has developed Future Vedh Career Inclination Test. These institutes are working in this field from last 20 years and have guided hundreds of students for their careers. Future Vedh Career Inclination Test takes scientific approach to identify student’s skills, interest and aptitude which would help students and parents to derive answers for all the questions related to career path in a reliable way.

Future Vedh Career Inclination Test is designed to help every student in understanding their potential and the suitable opportunities available for their skills.

This test covers following areas:

Numerical Ability
Mechanical Reasoning
Space Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning

How to appear for Future Vedh Career Inclination Test?

Considering the convenience of students, learner can now attempt Future Vedh Career Inclination Test online. Kindly check following steps for details:

  • Step 1: To register for the test, contact or visit nearest MS-CIT or KLiC Authorized Learning Center.
  • Step 2: After your details are registered by Center, you will receive Username and Password.
  • Step 3: Learner can attempt Future Vedh Career Inclination Test on https://fv.mkcl.org/ from desktop, laptop or mobile with interrupted internet connectivity.
  • Step 4: Learner can attempt test in Marathi or English language. After learner completes the test, i.e. complete all 7 papers, a report will get generated. This report comprises of best career paths suitable for learner.

Additional Details:

  • Duration: 2 Hours (For best results, Students are requested to attempt all 7 papers in one go)
  • Language: English and Marathi

Once the student completes this exam, i.e. appears all 7 papers, a detail report would be generated which is helpful for students to finalize their career path.

Registrations are now open!

Visit nearest MS-CIT & KLiC Authorized Learning Centers for Registration